Friday, March 29, 2013

Blue and Gold

Tonight March 28th was the Blue and Gold dinner.  It started off with pork bbq sandwiches, salads, and chips.  After that, they handed out the awards the cubs have earned the past month.

Talmage getting his awards

Talmage getting ready to perform his talent

After the awards, the boys performed or talked about one of their talents.  Talmage really wanted to do a magic trick.  We thought since he hasn't really been practicing too much to perfect a trick he should do something else.  He decided to whistle using an acorn top.  He learned this a little while back and it didn't take him long to perfect it.  He can do it really loud if he wants too.  If I'm lucky, I can make a little sound.  Of course it was a big hit and everyone loved it. 
It was a fun night and the best part was I didn't have to make dinner.

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